Asbestos removal

If asbestos was installed in your home in the past, we recommend proper removal.
Here you have the choice of whether you want asbestos removal, including modernisation of your roof. Alternatively, you can hire us for asbestos disposal.

According to TRGS 519 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances), asbestos abatement is only possible if the service provider and the personnel have completed an appropriate training course.

Asbestos is still a sensitive issue and requires professional know-how. All our employees have acquired the asbestos certificate, which means that we can offer you asbestos removal throughout Europe. When working with asbestos, occupational health examinations are part of the process.
With the appropriate certificates, you no longer need to worry about pollutants. We take care of professional disposal and remediation of your buildings.
Our staff wears appropriate protective clothing for the remediation or disposal of asbestos. This meets the special requirements and makes working with the relevant pollutants a harmless affair.