January 27, 2022

Primary school Lähden gets digital board!

Thanks to the donor company, support association and joint municipality

f.l. Miss Middendorf, Mister W. Hass, Miss K. Bongiorno, Mister S.Kollert, Miss M. Schümers

A school fulfils its potential when extracurricular cooperation partners, the booster club and the school authorities work well together. How great and valuable this cooperation is for the GS Lähden is once again very clear from the “Digital Blackboard Campaign”. The digital board, a touch screen display with interactive function, was financed by the company W.Hass Future from Werlte, the support association of the primary school Lähden and the joint municipality Herzlake. Together with the mayor of the joint municipality Mrs. Schümers, the managers Mr. Hass and Mr. Kollert, the chairwoman of the booster club Mrs. Middendorf and the headmistress Mrs. Bongiorno, the digital board was officially handed over. “Once it arrived in the classroom, it was already in use,” said the headmistress, pleased with the new acquisition. Digital boards make everyday learning more active and dynamic. Advanced technologies are used here for clear and efficient teaching, learning and presentation. The school community at Lähden Primary School is thrilled and would like to express their sincere thanks for this valuable support.